By joining forces, we – the CSU5 – have developed a mechanism for working across institutional lines to provide enhanced educational and research opportunities in the Greater Los Angeles area. Together, we have created a new approach that gives businesses greater access to university resources throughout the region. In doing this, we have increased institutional agility, responsiveness and capacity for innovation, all of which will provide a competitive advantage for major grants and undertaking regional initiatives. The CSU5 is a catalyst for new models and standards for how higher education can and should play a significant role in economic and community development.


In keeping with the mission of the CSU, the purpose of the CSU5 is to ensure that the CSU and the educational and research strengths it comprises play a significant role in shaping the future of Greater Los Angeles. The CSU5 works to focus on what is important to the future of Greater Los Angeles. It seeks to create a long-term, strategic, and innovative approach to community development. The CSU5 works to expand and engage participating universities by linking across institutional and disciplinary lines; create ongoing regional relationships that open new opportunities connection education to professional practice and community life; and link research to economic and community development. The CSU5 will apply its knowledge to the challenging tasks of defining and solving contemporary problems.