How it works

The CSU system has long been a national leader in educational attainment and workforce development. As the CSU5 campuses establish curricula designed to enable employees to develop new skills that will accelerate them through the professional ranks, these campuses are also working toward viewing their fellow universities more as collaborative partners and less as competitors. Together, the CSU5 campuses are working to develop new areas of collective expertise that relate to the priorities shaping the future of Greater Los Angeles.

The CSU5 universities are also committed to joining other leading regional community and economic development organizations, institutions and agencies to lead Los Angeles forward. The CSU5 will help create and support long-term strategies and tactics that will define and shape the future of the region. Further, the CSU5 is committed to maintaining and enhancing the excellence and distinction of its universities by giving each a broader canvas on which to work and by providing all the additional layers of excellence, distinction, and innovative power that come from singularly engaged and co-creative modes of thinking, working and responding to the internal and external priorities and emerging needs that define the CSU5.

The CSU5 have

  1. More than 12,000 faculty & staff
  2. Approximately 200 degree programs (Baccalaureate, Master’s, and Doctorate) in a wide-range of disciplines, including:
    1. Agriculture
    2. Architecture
    3. Biological Sciences
    4. Business-Management
    5. Communications
    6. Education
    7. Engineering
    8. Finance & Economics
    9. Fine & Applied Arts
    10. Foreign Languages
    11. Global Area Studies
    12. Health Professions
    13. Humanities
    14. Information Sciences
    15. Interdisciplinary Studies
    16. Mathematics
    17. Physical Sciences
    18. Psychology
    19. Public Affairs
    20. Social Sciences
  3. More than 140,000 students
  4. More than $138 million in annual research funded by regional and national funding agencies

CSU5 Goals

  1. Increase the amount of Federal, State, and other organizational funding coming to Greater Los Angeles through grants to support the region’s long-term economic and community development
  2. Increase the engagement and influence of the CSU5 universities in the formative, strategic, and implementation phases of economic and community development
  3. Increase the links between the educational and research capacities of the CSU5 universities and local industries in order to enhance applied/engaged learning opportunities for students and faculty
  4. Increase the number of collaboratively designed and custom-delivered degree, certificate, and training programs needed to support and maintain the development of a college-prepared workforce in Greater Los Angeles
  5. Develop multi-institutional research centers at the CSU5 universities and build hubs of excellence and distinction to create new models and strategies that impact the future of Greater Los Angeles and beyond
  6. Increase the visibility and reputation of the CSU5 to build support for the work of its universities and broaden the sources of revenue
  7. Work to ensure that proposed strategies and tactics for addressing the current challenges facing the Greater Los Angeles area are developed with reliable information and data as well as insights from the highest levels in the field, and the wisdom of our shared intellectual heritage.