At each of the CSU5 universities, a guide has been designated to serve as an institutionally knowledgeable point of entry for employers and economic/community leadership in the region. These guides will act as “concierges” for the CSU5. They will also collaborate with one another to shape responses to emerging opportunities, requests, and initiatives and determine which individuals and resources to engage in each new project.

Prospective clients can make contact through any of the 5 university guides

Every CSU5 university has appointed a senior university administrator who serves as a CSU5 Guide:

    1. Craig LaMunyon
      California Polytechnic University, Pomona
      (909) 869-3898
    1. J. Kim McNutt
      California State University, Dominguez Hills
      (310) 243-3737
    1. Michael Solt
      California State University, Long Beach
      (562) 985-5307
    1. Harkmore Lee
      California State University, Los Angeles
      (323) 343-4907
    2. Paul Lazarony
      California State University, Northridge
      (818) 677-2969