CSU5 Milestones

The CSU5 was established in December 2013 during a meeting co-hosted by CSUN and the Annenberg Foundation. CSU5 campus presidents and provosts met with community leaders from the public, private, non-profit, and philanthropic sectors to explore regional needs and discuss how a CSU collaborative might address those needs.

  • The “Guide” position was created in 2014 to respond to LA County’s efforts to create a regional consortium that would pursue a federal manufacturing community designation. Each CSU5 campus president selected a Guide stationed at the gateway to the campus, and the Guides’ first meeting was held in May 2014.
  • In October 2014, CSU5 foundational Basic Principles documents were developed and approved by campus presidents.
  • In 2015, CSU5 marketing and public relations materials were created, including the seal, the website and an e-brochure.
  • LAEDC’s Eddy Awards recognize leadership in LA County in economic development in business, education, and government, and each CSU5 campus has been an educational honoree: Northridge in 2015, Long Beach in 2016, Los Angeles in 2017, Pomona in 2018, and Dominquez Hills in 2019.
  • The administrative lead campus was Northridge from 2014 to 2017. The administrative lead campus moved to Cal State LA in July 2017 and to Cal State Long Beach in July 2020.

Advanced Manufacturing Partnership for Southern California (AMP SoCal)

  • The Los Angeles Office of the Mayor in 2014 invited the CSU5 to participate in the AMP SoCal consortium that was created to apply for a regional I.M.C.P. (Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership) designation. AMP SoCal was awarded the I.M.C.P designation which provided preference for certain grant opportunities from various federal agencies. The CSU5 remains a key partner in the AMP SoCal consortium, which includes participation on executive and pillar committees.

Performance Partnership Pilots for Disconnected Youth (LA P3)

  • The CSU5 in 2014 joined LA P3, a City of Los Angeles-led effort that received federal P3 funding to provide an opportunity for policy reform. LA P3 focused on administrative, regulatory or statutory constraints that inhibit the success of programs designed to address needs of disconnected youth and move them toward productive lives. Of the nine P3 sites selected, only LA P3 covered several segments of disconnected youth populations, such as all L.A. City YouthSource and L.A. County WIOA youth participants, as well as subpopulations of foster, probation, homeless, runaway, and high school dropouts.

Department of Human Resources for the County of Los Angeles

  • The CSU5 in 2015, through the Guides and CSU5 Campus Career Center Directors, collaborated with the County of Los Angeles Department of Human Resources to solve workforce shortages. The CSU5 participated in numerous regional workforce development events and regional research showcase events, including:
    • H2O Connect and LAEDC
    • Connecting the Dots UAV/CyberSecurity conference that was held in conjunction with the International Drone Expo and co-hosted by Cal Poly Pomona and LAEDC.
    • Focus on Fashion event the Los Angeles Arts District in October 2015.  This event was held in conjunction with LAEDC’s LA Innovation Week.
    • CSU5 Apparel Programs, led by Cal Poly Pomona’s Apparel Merchandising Program, held two focus groups to gather information from industry participants about how to support the apparel design and manufacturing industry in Southern California.
    • Aerospace conferences and conventions with LAEDC.

My Brother’s Keeper

  • The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 2015 invited the CSU5 to take a leadership role in the My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge. Each campus identified activities that aligned with the goals of the Challenge. Guides worked closely with the County Coordinator to plan a fall summit in 2015, which resulted in a report with recommendations. This effort supported the P3 application described above.

Public Utilities Commission EPIC innovation cluster grant with LACI

  • The CSU5 in 2016 joined a grant application led by LACI (Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator) for a Public Utilities Commission EPIC innovation cluster grant. The CSU5 campuses were subcontractors to deliver services for stimulating entrepreneurial activity in the energy field contained in the grant. CSU Fullerton and CSU Channel Islands also participated in the initiative. This engagement was led by the CSU’s WRPI team in collaboration with Guides’ networks. The application resulted in a $5 million award.

Metropolitan Water District

  • The CSU5, with Cal Poly Pomona in the lead, co-hosted a “Mash-Up” event with the Metropolitan Water District to bring CSU5 faculty; state, city and county agencies; and non-profit entities together to stimulate partnerships and identify funding opportunities around “water.” This event supported the successful PUC EPIC grant application mentioned above.

Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII)

  • CSU5 campuses participated in the 5-year, $70 million federal grant for the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition that created the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII). Headquartered in Los Angeles and anchored by UCLA, CESMII is a national network with regional centers in California, Washington, New York, North Carolina and Texas. CESMII leverages each area’s unique industrial environments, and CSU5 campuses are key educational partners to deliver educational programs in smart manufacturing.

Re-Engaging Los Angeles Youth (ReLAY Institute)

  • Stemming from the LA P3 initiative described above, work began in 2017 to establish the multi-campus ReLAY Institute. ReLAY Institute serves as an innovation hive, professional development academy, service-learning academy and a best practice/data collection repository for work connected to disconnected youth in Greater Los Angeles. Hosted by the CSU5 and headquartered at CSUN, ReLAY is a collaboration of public, private, and philanthropic agencies across LA County with an inclusive Advisory Board representing all stakeholders.

CSU5 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (CSU5 VITA)

  • In 2018, a $344,250 grant from the California Department of Community Services and Development, administered by CSUN, allowed VITA programs at CSU5 campuses to collaborate through the CSU5 VITA Initiative to build a comprehensive network of free tax preparation outreach services for low-income individuals and families throughout Greater Los Angeles. CSU5 VITA also provides free tax preparation assistance for non-English speakers, including those who speak Spanish, Armenian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese and Farsi. A second California Department of Community Services and Development was awarded in 2019 in the amount of $351,750.

Other Activities

  • As a national model for engagement, the CSU5 hosted the 2017 University Economic Development Association’s (UEDA) 17th Annual Summit, Delivering the Future: Higher Education’s Role in an Ever-Changing World in Long Beach. National experts and practitioners shared best practices and presented case studies to leverage community college and university resources for greater economic development and community impact across the United States.
  • CSU5 Leadership made presentations UEDA Summits in 2014 (Sant Fe, New Mexico) and 2015 (Anchorage, Alaska).
  • The development and impact of the CSU5 was featured at the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) Annual Conference in 2014. The CSU5 presentation generated great interest and was subsequently highlighted on the webpage of APLU’s Coalition of Urban Serving Universities.
  • Responding to a request from the Mayor of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Area Chamber, and Forbes magazine, the CSU5 sponsored an ad in Forbes that featured an advertorial section on Greater Los Angeles.
  • Hosted by Cal State Long Beach, executives from Los Angeles News Group (LANG) met with CSU5 Guides to discuss more robust engagement between LANG and the CSU5.
  • L.A. Compact’s leadership team engaged CSU5 Guides in exploratory conversations about the CSU5 strengthening the mission of the L.A. Compact.
  • CSU Dominguez Hills and the College Futures Foundation held a forum for CSU5 campuses to address the topic of innovation in student success, particularly, what approaches are successful, or not successful, for young men of color, as well as other traditionally underrepresented students.
  • CSU5 presidents hosted a round-table discussion in 2017 with Los Angeles Community College (LACCD) Chancellor and the nine LACCD college presidents aimed at developing more extensive collaboration between the CSU5 and LACCD, including identifying obstacles and strategizing solutions for progress and success.
  • CSU5 campuses made a significant commitment to Propel L.A., the county-wide Strategic Plan for Economic Development that was created and implemented by LAEDC.
  • CSU 5 Guides and key campus stakeholders held a transportation and logistics research networking event. Organized by Cal State Long Beach, the event brought together researchers from all five campuses, as well as industry partners from transportation and logistics, to discuss topics from policy issues to technological innovations.